It began on an island in the Baltic

Harsh rains, strong winds – and lots of sun. Our design office is located on the Aland Islands, a centre of innovation right in the middle of the Baltic Sea. It was here that the idea of a new way to harness solar energy was born.

Our origins

Development and production of Heliomotion started on the Aland Islands in 2008. It was an important test market as Aland has the highest amount of sun hours per year in Scandinavia as well as severe storms and cold winters with a lot of ice and snow. Our products have been designed and built to withstand extreme weather conditions and have successfully endured more than a decade of operation. In 2022, production was moved to England in collaboration with Bee Solar Tech.

Our idea

In order to get maximum output from the sun, solar panels should always be directed straight towards the sun; not only at noon, but constantly tracking the sun from sunrise until sunset. This principle is used by many large utility solar stations.

Heliomotion is a light version of the utility trackers, designed to provide smaller businesses and private homes with an extremely efficient, affordable and easy way to generate their own renewable energy. Heliomotion can be used singly, or in quantity as a microgrid to power farms, breweries and other businesses.

Heliomotion is designed to be easily assembled and installed in less than a day by an installer or the customer, with help from an experienced electrician. Heliomotion can be delivered as a complete installation kit on one pallet, including a detailed, illustrated installation manual, or the customer can obtain panels and inverters from his installer.