We are taking solar power generation to a whole new level

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Why should you think about buying a Heliomotion?

Heliomotion is an innovative, high efficiency, dual-axis tracking, solar power plant for residential and commercial use. Open our brief presentation or flyer below to get an overview.

Maximal energy production

By following the sun in two-axis, and using high efficiency solar panels, a Heliomotion delivers 30-60% more energy per year than conventional roof mounted solar panels, yielding a quicker return on your investment. The solar energy produced matches well with the energy consumption pattern of a typical households.

Completely autonomous solar tracking

Our solar tracker uses GPS to automatically calculate the sun’s location from anywhere in the world. The high precision tracking maximizes energy production throughout the day.

Assembling your own solar power plant

Heliomotion is designed to be easy to assemble and comes with an illustrated installation guide. We have a growing installer network across Europe that can complete the installation. If you’re a competent DIY enthusiast, self-installation is possible, except for the wiring/commissioning which requires a certified electrician.

Meet Heliomotion

Solar power reinvented

  • 3-6x Solar panels
  • Automatic solar tracking unit
  • Free placement anywhere on your property or business premises

3-6x Solar panels

Automatic solar tracking unit

Free placement anywhere on your property or business premises

Our Products

Heliomotion PV-3
Rated output: 1140 watt
Daily production: 8-13 kWh
Annual production: 1300-2400 kWh
Size: 3.1×1.7m
Heliomotion PV-4
Rated output: 1520 watt
Daily production: 11-17 kWh
Annual production: 1700-3100 kWh
Size: 3.5×2.1m
Heliomotion PV-6
Rated output: 2280 watt
Daily production: 17-26 kWh
Annual production: 2700-4700 kWh
Size: 3.5×3.1m


Our References

PV-2 in Mörby, Hammarland

PV-4 in Dommarböle, Saltvik

PV-3 in Kastelholm, Sund

PV-2 in Västerkalmare, Mariehamn

PV-4 in Mörby, Hammarland

PV-2 in Stroud, UK

PV-4 on Föglö, Åland

PV-2 on Ringvägen, Mariehamn

PV-2 on Kumlinge, Åland

PV-4 on Kumlinge, Åland

PV-4 in Mörby, Hammarland

PV-6 in Mörby, Hammarland

PV-6 in Thrupp, UK

PV-6 on Vårdö, Åland