HelioZenit Ab was founded in Finland in 2008 from a spin-off project of a company specializing in the storage of solar energy on a household scale.

The project that led to the creation of HelioZenit Ab had the purpose of maximizing the amount of generated solar energy per area of thermal collector, thereby maximizing the amount of stored energy for the household. We recognized early on that in order to get maximum output from the sun the solar collectors would always need to be directed straight towards the sun; not only at noon but constantly tracking the sun from sunrise until sunset. What originally was a project focusing on thermal solar energy was later expanded into photovoltaic electricity, the principle of turning the panels to follow the sun for maximum output remaining the same. Many large utility solar stations use this principle as they build huge tracking units on massive concrete columns carrying up to 50 and more panels per unit.

The Heliomotion Home Solar Power Plant is a light version of the utility trackers, designed to provide private homes with an extremely efficient, affordable and easy way to generate their own renewable energy. A Heliomotion is designed to be easily assembled and installed in less than a day by the buyer. This is a huge cost saver as no construction crew and no lifting equipment is needed. The Heliomotion Home Solar Power Plant is delivered as a complete installation kit on one pallet, including a detailed, illustrated installation manual. The composition of the kit is optimized for maximum ease of handling, with no single piece weighing more than 20 kg.

The region where we are located in Finland not only has the highest amount of sun hours per year in Scandinavia, but it also frequently has severe storms and cold winters with much ice and snow. We are confident in stating that our products have been designed and built to withstand extreme weather conditions and have successfully passed actual real life field tests.