Solar batteries

For backup purposes or occasional use (such as in a summer cottage) we recommend using GEL batteries, as they are cost effective when a limited number of charge/discharge cycles are needed. Deep-cycle GEL batteries are maintenance free, can be used indoors, have a long lifetime compared with other lead-acid battery types, and they are made to withstand deep discharge cycles. A GEL battery will loose about 20% of its max capacity after either 500 cycles 70% deep, 750 cycles 50% deep, or 1800 cycles 30% deep.

For daily use we recommend LiFePO4 batteries, as they have exceptional cycle lifetime. Lithium-ion batteries of the LiFePO4 type are extremely durable and can store five times more energy over their lifetime (4000 cycles, 100% depth of discharge) than premium lead-acid batteries of the GEL type. Because of the deeper discharge 100Ah of LiFePO4 is comparable to 200 Ah of GEL. Furthermore, in comparison with GEL the LiFePO4 type weighs 60% less per kWh, has 50% less volume, higher working efficiency (96-99% vs 80-90%), lower self-discharge rate (2%/month @25 °C), and allows use of the full battery capacity without damaging the battery.

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